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We are a small family owned micro winery dedicated to making the best wine possible. We source our grapes primarily from small vineyards on the north fork of Long Island. We produce small batches of wine, using long fermentations, soft presses, and barrel aging and no added chemicals.

The grapes that we source for our wines come from a private vineyard on Orient Point Long Island, New York. All of our red wines have fermentation periods of 10-14 days which gives them a medium to heavy body. All the wine undergo a malolactic fermentation and primary fermentation to zero residual sugar, making them dry and not in need of much sulfites. The wines are barrel aged & racked several times until clean. Then the wine is bottled unfiltered with low sulfites between 10-15 ppm depending on the variety. All of our collection are made in small batches with some as little as 90 gallons. 

About me

I was born in NYC in 1965. I started making wine at the age of five with my father along with my grandfather and have never stopped making it since. As a young man I fell in love with the art and craft of making wine. I have been making wine on my own for almost 30 years now and enjoy crafting small batches of NYS wine at my micro winery in South Salem NY. I hope you enjoy these small batch wines as much as I do.

John Vuolo


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Image of one of the vineyards that we source our grapes from on the North Fork of Long Island.

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